Audience AU24 cable with Apogee Stage Speakers

Can anyone tell me if the Audience AU 24 speaker cable will sound good mated with Apogee Stage full-range ribbon speakers? I have a Krell solid state amplifier. Thanks
I've not tried them with any speakers other than my own, but I think you'll find the Au24s to be everything the good reviews say they are. And more.

It depends on what characteristics you would consider good.

The AU24 are the cables I use in my system, but I have specific tastes in music and presentation that not everyone would share.

I compared them over many months with the Acoustic Zen Hologram II and later with the Ridge Street Audio Poiema and always preferred them because I liked how they worked with my equipment.

In my experience, the AU24 speaker cable had slightly less extension at the frequency extremes than either the AZ or RSA, but I felt they created a more natural, forward and believable midrange than either of the other two. This however is when using a solid state amplifier. Since getting a tube amp recently it will be interesting to see if I reverse my decision in the future.

The AU24 may not be for everyone, but I think they are a very very excellent cable.