Audience Au24 Bi-wire or w/Jumper with N803

Hi Everyone,
Everyone specifically using Au24 bi-wire or with a pair of jumper with N803, your experiences/opinions/recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Other gears: mc352, c2200.
My Au24 is single-wire and my speakers aren't biwire-capable, so I can't answer your question directly. However, if I were in your shoes and already owned the single-wire cabling and speakers in your question, I'd make the exact comparison you propose by doing it with one speaker, using both runs of cable (left and right) to biwire and listen in mono.
Zaikesman, I have not purchase the cables yet, it is a big investment, want to make sure I make the right decision. However; your recommendation is very interesting and will try it if I have the cables.
Hi Cmrkeung - maybe I can help a bit with this. B&W's should be bi-wired to get the best performance n almost all cases. You hit on the one exception that I know of. B&W's will almost always sound best when using AU24 in a single run with jumpers. I have sent both single with jumpers and bi-wire to at leats 10 of my customers and only one or two have preferred the bi-wire to the single w/jumpers. So if the majority is correct - this is what you should go with. Hope this helps - good luck!
Jwpstayman, thank you very much for your comment. The reason I posted this thread is b/c I used to see B&W bi-wired at my local dealers; however, the last few times I visited them, they started to do single with good jumpers. They did not provide specific as to why. I thought it might be a cost/convenient issue. I also spoke to Terry from AU, he also recommended single run w/jumpers.
No!!! B&W N803 will not sound good with a single run.
Second, forget AU24 and get Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun - double run, just what the N803s like. Trust me, I tried different single run speaker cables. N803s don't sound right with single run. Don't go there with this speaker. Audience speaker cables will probably not give you the bass or the speed of AZ. You will also get a soundstage that is shallow comparing to AZ. If you want you can try though, but my bet is that you'll be waisting your time and money with a single run speaker cable.
I own both Satori and Au24, and the Au24 is my preference (on Thiel floorstanders similar in size to 803's, which as I mentioned above cannot be biwired). Satori is a warmer, "fatter" sounding cable, but IMO is not as fast or neutral as Au24. Au24 has excellent, tactile bass, though it doesn't roll off the highs to make it seem like more than it is. I enjoy the Satori, but to me the Au24 is ultimately more transparent and natural sounding. I also didn't find that Satori gave a deeper soundstage -- if anything, it's more of a "they are here" cable, the Au24 more "you are there".
Zaikesman, Satori Shotgun is a different cable than Satori.
More different than simply being a 2-into-4 double-run of the same basic cable?
I like the AU24 very much. Two years ago, I spent a few months comparing the AU24 biwire to a number of other speaker cables--stealth, granite, maple and a few others. Purist Audio Venustas beat out the Au24 to my ear in my system (below), but only by a slight margin. The Venustas seemed a bit more engaging (if my system didn't have a digital amp, my conclusion very well might have been different). The AU24 was a strong second. My system during the comparison was Granite 657 tube CDP, Supratek Syrah Pre, Spectron MII Amp and Von Schweikert VR5HSE. Good luck.
Hi, I am wondering if anyone has experience in single run Zu IBIS cables with jumpers for a pair of B&W 803 Nautilus?

I just purchased a pair of Zu IBIS speaker cables for my 803 Nautilus. I have heard of so many bi-wire cases for B&W speakers so that I now start wondering if I made a right decision to go for this pair of single run cables. Or I should start looking for a second pair for bi-wiring?

Speakers: B&W 803 Nautilus
Integrated Amp: Plinius 9100
Speaker cables: Zu IBIS
Jumpers: unknown brand, they came with the speakers


John, I have tried Zu Libtec speaker cables with jumpers and did not like them at all. They were dull sounding and lacked dynamics and speed. The collapsing of soundstage took place as well. Zu customer service is top notch and they took the cable back so all I was in is a shipping cost.

Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun bettered the Libtec by a big margin. Much better choice and a bargain used plus easy to sell.

By the way, the jumpers that come with N803 are pretty good. If you do use the cable with jumpers, make sure you connect the speaker cable to the top and jump from there to the woofs. Keep in mind that N803 are 3-way design and as many single run cables I have tried, they always gave their best when biwired. Not trying to discourage your purchase, but it's a fact, at least in my system.

For the same price Ibis costs new, the Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator in my mind may be a better choice. I have auditioned these and they simply kicked ass. No kidding! I think with your Plinius integrated that's kind of smooth and relaxed sounding, the SR Tesla Accelerator would be a very nice match. It would still keep the smooth but detailed top end, grain-free mids and thunderous bass plus the soundstage that is hard to beat.