Audience Au24 - Are these considered low impedance type cables?..........Spectral user :)

I have seen a few threads here but just wanting to know if the Au24 are of low impedance to match my Spectral. I know the directions of the Spectral gear and simply love the Au24s deliverance in so many way. Thanks
I haven't found much info on them.
I've been using Blue Jeans Cable LC1 interconnects; they're known for their low impedance characteristics.
Give him a shout or E-mail; he's pretty quick to reply.
His prices are really good, for the quality and performance.
Another guy you might want to contact is Patrick at Cullen Cable; he's very quick to reply also.
These are just alternatives; if they suit you.
Either way; I wish you luck on the information you're looking for.
Thank you kindly for the response, well I have contacted them and also received some feedback from Spectral including Audience, not recommended as advised by both parties. 

I will be sticking with MIT for this venture, thanks