Audience Au-24 With High Current Amp

I've contacted Audience with this question but haven't gotten any response--perhaps the question was too dumb? I've just obtained some large 3.5 way (five driver) speakers to replace some smallish two-ways. I'm now looking at a high current amp to drive these puppies and am looking at my Au-24 wondering if it can carry all the current I'm going to throw at them. They are so thin! Do I need a heavier gauge speaker wire now that I'm going to deliver more current to my new larger speakers?
You should have no concerns whatsoever. I used to own the Au24s along with my McCormack DNA-2 Revision A amplifier that was capable of 600 wpc into 4 ohm and 1200 wpc into 2 ohm loads and my speakers were 86db sensitivity at 4 ohm.

But then again, your idea of a high current amp may be different than mine.

I too use Au24 -- sounds good, don't it? It does look scary-thin, but I try to bear in mind that thin as it seems, the wiring inside the speakers and especially the drivers' voice-coils is much thinner yet. Whatever, I've had no problems using it with 8" 3-way 3.5-ohm floorstanders and 200w monoblocks, and the bass is not compromised vs. my previous 'garden-hose' cables...
I have used zip cord for big low impedance nominal 8 ohms but dip below 4 at times with no problems. I wouldn't worry at all. The speaker wire you use does change the sound considerably so find the sound you want. Despite the controversy I did a pretty comprehensive comparison of speaker Cables with another phile and there is no question the brand you use makes a difference. BTW I use Audience, Au PCs on very big monoblocks and their Au ICs, but not the speaker cable I found I liked the thinner least expensive brand the best one for bass control. It won the shootout hands down!