Audience Au-24 vs. Enhanced version same cable

Wondering whether I should go for the much cheaper original version of these cables here on Agon, or shell out for the Enhanced version? I assume there are members here whom have experienced both versions?

I look forward to your responses.

I recommend that you check out 10 Audio's review of both versions of the Audience AU24 cables.

10 Audio Review

I use the original AU24 speakers cables and have been very happy with them, but if I found the new version at a good price, I would probably go for it.
Hi, I recently compared the Power Chord E and non-E version, and I want to say that a slight veil was removed while the same pleasant character is preserved.

i have compared the e version to the standard version for all cable types. very simply, the e version provides more focus. this result can be favorable for well-behaved recordings, but a detriment for problem recordings.
I have had both the standard and the new "e" version ICs at different times. The "e" sounds more open and focused and perhaps a bit faster (transients) sounding. It is a very good sounding cable, but I will probably be selling mine since I have made a component change and I feel that other cables may be a better match for my set up. As much as I would like to hang on to it, I will likely have a 1.5m "e" to sell for about $525. Watch for the ad.