Audience AU 24 interconnects for the following?

I just purchased a used Roksan Caspian M-series pre-amp and monoblocks and want to connect to my Simaudio Moon Equinox CD player. Could anyone comment on the Audience AU 24 interconnects as a choice? I haven't purchase anything yet, so other suggestions are warmly received.

Thanks in advance from someone learning along the way.
they are really, really good and even better when used with the matching power cables..
Please beware that AU-24 has a distinct effect on all the components that I tried. It acts like a subsonic filter and makes the lowest bass disappeared. It is most obvious with pipe organ music. Some people like it and think it produces clean bass but some hate it and think it lacks weight. You might want to borrow a pair to see if you like it before committing.
I have had AU24's in my system since they came out. I think for what you pay,(used,of course)they are special. I recently changed to VD,master 3.0; @ 4 x's the used price. Sure the VD's are a bit better. I hear no night/day difference in the bass--or percieved bass filtering. As we all know cables are so personal and the pieces we use them with will yeild different opinions.
(My AU24's now serve as HT cables.)
My pieces: AA Prestige se / CJ 350 ss amp / Wilson Sophia 2's.
missing low bass? never heard that in my store,must have tried these by now on a thousand different components.

are you still listening to the AA Prestige/CJ 350SA amp/Sophia 2's ?
My 1st taste of both Audience cabling and the C-J 350SA power amp was in a system w/ C-J ACT2 Series2 pre-amp and Sim Audio Moon cdp on Eggleston speakers (WEGG3).  This is still my reference demo from 2007-2009.  Happy Listening!