Audience AR 12 TS vs Tesla PowerCell 10SE Mk III

After owning the Audience AdeptResponse 12 (non teflon) version I am thinking of an upgrade. For those who have compared the AR 12 TS vs Synergistic Research Tesla PowerCell 10SE Mk II or MkIII, which ones worked out better for you?

As the AR12TS is a pricer alternative, I am wondering if the SR Powercell 10SE MkIII would be on the same level. The AR 6 TS would be indeed another alternative but I would like to keep units with the same width.

I have dedicated 20A lines and am using all tube gear.
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Since I have received no response but see that this thread is viewed a lot, I would like to extend the invitation to compare the Audience AR12-T or TS to other passive PLCs like Running Spring Dimitri, Silver Circle Audio Pure Power One V4 or V5, BPT CPC Signature PLUS...

I would like to remain under 6k list price (I know that the AR12-TS is above that point but since I have other Audience cables, Audience gets a head start).
I can't speak to the others, but I have the AR6T and I feel it was money well spent. I used to own an AR6 and it was also excellent. Plus, Audience is a great company and stands behind its products. I don't think you could go wrong with a used AR12 if you need the extra outlets. They usually sell for very good prices on the used market. Unfortunately, many of us can't compare power conditioners side by side, hence the lack of response. The T was somewhat quieter and blacker, but I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed with the non-T version either. Enjoy.
The Cable Co. used to have a library of conditioners for audition at home. You might want to call them and see if they still do this. Then you could listen for yourself and decide. If your thinking of spending this kind of money on a conditioner I would also suggest that you add the Shuynata Titan for consideration as well.
Chayro, could you elaborate on the improvement of the T versus the non T version? I have currently an AR12 and am thinking of an upgrade. The 12T comes up sporadically whereas the 12TS understandably much less frequent on the used market. If the T is not that much of a difference I may as well go for alternatives (I do have the Shunyata Titan in mind but forgot to mention that, thanks Franks for bringing that up) and/or upgrade my first leg of power cord which is currently NordOst Valhalla.

For a higher return I will upgrade my wall sockets, currently have Wattgate 381 and SR Tesla SE, will add Maestro and Furutech GTX-R to the mix and see which ones works best where (2 music and 1 HT system). For that end, I have acquired a PI Audio Ueberbuss and will replace the standard sockets with 3 variants so it easier to switch for testing purposes. The Ueberbuss is not bad at all by itself but aren't most of us searching for the last 5% or 10% of improvement?
I have both an aR6 and an aR6TS. Fooling around one day I put a Shakti Stone on top of the aR6TS and on top of that I put a VPI Brick. I don't know if it was the weight of the VPI Brick damping cabinet vibrations or the voodoo magic of the Stone and the Brick, all I can say is the combination worked magic.
@Jazzonthehudson - I never got around to the AU24 Powerchord, but I would venture a guess that it would be a significant improvement and - 30 day money back. I'm going to do it when I have the chance. I remember the T as being quite a step up in terms of the purity of timbre of instruments, but remember, I listen to 90% classical and acoustic jazz, so I think the difference shows up more than if one listens to electronica or the like. Personally, if you like the AR12, I would stick with Audience, unless you want to go the Cable Co route, which is also cool if you have the inclination. But again, I wouldn't overlook the Powerchord.
I owned the original SR Powercell and once I compared it to the Audience AR2P-TO I bought 3 of them for each dedicated line.
I know not exactly what you wanted to compare to , but it was what I experienced.
As my moniker indicates, I am also into jazz and classical; occasionally I put on a classic rock track, probably driven by nostalgia.
I will try the AU24 or probably the AU24SE PC. The Valhalla offers a lot of speed and transparency but lacks other traits. Audience SE series interconnects and speaker cables IME are quite a step up from their E series cables and I see them in some real high end systems.

Can you describe the diff between the AR6 and AR6TS? I believe in tweaks but never tried the Shakti stones; I do have good results with WA Quantum chips, they are a must in fuses (stock or better still, the usual suspects of after market fuses). In the AR12 case, I put it on the Neutrik connector or close to it.

A nice side effect is that we get exposed to many disciplines of material science besides the expected ones in wave dynamics and electrical signal transmission; hearing is believing!

How would you describe the improvement of the aR2p-TO vs the original Powercell 10?


In the mean time I will upgrade my Ueberbuss with Furutech GTX-R sockets and see what it gives.
Once the original Powercell was removed and replaced with the Audience there was a wide scale improvement in dynamics!
Jazzonthehudson... My system is all Theta Digital and dead quiet to begin with. I can't say the same about my Pioneer flat screen and Comcast cable box.

When I first got the aR6, my thoughts were that the aR6 was about as good as it'll ever get. When I hit the switch on the aR6TS, it was like a V-8 moment wondering how I hadn't noticed all the noise the aR6 left behind. Don't get me wrong, the aR6 was a giant leap forward for me but the aR6TS created an aura of a pitch black background. I now use the aR6 just for my flat screen and cable box.
Definitely try many as you can in your system and keep what works best. Not a one size fit all...