Audience adeptResponse aR6

Is anyone using the Audience aR6 (standard 15A version - USA) with their entire stereo music system (including power amps)? If so, how satisfied are you?

Did you compare it to any other power conditioner? If so, what made you decide on the aR6?
I am very satisfied with the Audience. It brings more dynamics to the music, more detail and a lower noise floor. I used to use a shunyata hydra 6 with python and tiapan power cords, they seemed to reduce noise, perhaps add some air but overall I really prefer the audience. One thing that surprised me, when I did my last big upgrade I planned on selling extra sets of stillpoints to pay for upgrades but everytime I removed them from the aR6 something subtle but noticable was lost. The stillpoint worked very well for it. Every thing I have is plugged into the aR6.
I use the teflon version and have been extremely pleased with the sound but started with the unit you are referring to; the standard 15amp version. The standard 15amp version doesn't limit current and the sound is very close to the teflon version. Having said this, I wish had know about the Synergistic Research Tesla Powercell. I would try this one too. I have heard it at a friend's who I let demo my unit and the Tesla Power Cell sounded better in his VAC system. Check the reviews; very reasonably priced too! I hope this doesn't confuse your decision.
I run everything through my Audience… Theta Compli… Theta Casablanca II… Theta Intrepid… Pioneer Elite TV… and Comcast Cable Box. I tried the amp straight into the wall but prefer it running through the Audience.
Have 6t getting GP upgade which is new ground plane makes it 14db quieter.I had P300 this unit better in every way, wonderful deep stage great midrange airy highs etc.Im just using for TT, CD & PREAMP.When i get it back will try on my amp which is 20FT away.Great unit on of the best.