audience adept response or running springs haley

hello again. im looking to inject a power conditioner into my little system and am wondering if anyone has heard both the audience adept response, and the running springs haley? or if someone could possibly point me in the right direction. is there a difference in clarity or soundstaging? thanks
Although I am not familiar with the Running Springs Haley, I have been a very satisfied owner of the AdeptResponse for a little over a year now. All's I can say is that the improvements have been quite noticeable and enjoyable, especially in the clarity and resolution of lower level detail because the noise floor has gone WAY down.
As far as soundstage too is markedly improved.Little spatial clues that had previously gone unheard, suddenly have poped up and make the music so much more life-like.
The Adept Response has most definitely been the best purchase I've made to improve my systems abilty to make music.
All these observations, BTW, come in comparision to what I was previously using, which was an PS Audio 500.
Hope this helps you.
I'm not slamming Davvie's results with the Adept Response, in fact I'm happy that he has achieved the results he has. However, in my system, I found the same unit aggravating and I had to get rid of it.
My point being, these things can be extremely system dependent. Opinions are fine but there's no substitute for a personal audition at home.
I recently installed the Adept Response 6-outlet unit in a bedroom system, and the results were immediately audible. Sonically, Davvie's description describes just what I have experienced with the Audience power conditioner in my own system - higher resolution, greater refinement, more natural timbres and a better sense of depth and space. I don't have any comparative experience with the Running Springs Haley.
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I have had my adept response for about a year now, and have all the smae results as Davvie. I wouldn't go without it as it vastly improved my system and will also take a high current amp plugged into it as well
I owned an AdeptResponse for just about a year...thought it was a bit "soft" sounding, this compared to a Sound Application Linestage. Have never heard the RS conditioner.
(By soft I mean had less bass impact)