Audience Adept Response Conditioner??

I was wondering if owners of this powerconditioner could give an opinion of it and it's characteristics. I did a search her on gon and found very limited imformation.I have read the review in the mags but would like a 1st hand account from you guys.

I R a owner. Have been for 'round 2 years. I had been thrugh a lot of bucks worth of conditioners in the past 15 years.---"Its characteristcs"???---Just improvement in all areas---I don't wonder why it's hard to select a conditioner.--Just about everybody's blurb reads the same---Yaddi/ya---I guess I'm more adventuresome than you---I had a recommendation from a friend and just bought one full pop, local, with no exchange privledge---unheard.---This imo is a whole system conditioner. I have so much stuff plugged in to it.It has 12 outlets.--It improves anything plugged into it. Used this way it makes a tv's pq better. This isn't subjective;it's there for all to see. The audio matches the video performance in every way. There was a used one at a good used-savings.--Jump in--get wet.--BTW, I live in a 94 unit complex,which may be why it works so well for me. I know we have posters whom believe an aftermarket power chord is a waste so a conditioner in this price range opens one up for lots of criticism. I figure someone whom has worked their way up the conditioner ladder would appreciate this piece---Then have the equipment and ears to realize its benefits.


I took the pluge today and bought the Audience response. I shall have it in a weeks time, looking forward it. Thanks for your insight.

I think you will be pretty happy,to say the least---Good move.
Anyone using these conditioners in 2016?
Im using 2 Audience 6TSSDOX one on amp (Pass350.8) and the other on front end preamp,turntable and CD player it gives me a big improvement in sound.


Do you feel the Pass 350.8 a little dark sounding?

I'm using the Audience aRp2 TO for my VAC amp and preamp.  Excellent results and very pronounced difference when I have experimentally removed and reinserted it into the system.  Also us an entire Audience web to wire the system.  Enjoy.
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