Audience Adept Ar 6T vs SR Power cell

Anyone have a chance to compare the Audience AR 6T to the Synergistic Research Power Cell 6 line condintioners?
More open better sound stage better imaging great bass one of the BEST!!
EBM, Which one are you referring to?
I can speak for the Audience unit. I'm breaking a new one in and right off the bat I find it a unique combination of smoothness and detail. Superb musicality. I also quickly found that it cleans irritating vocal sibilance while not dulling the sound. A great product in my jaded opinion and I've had many power products. HP is right on the money on this one! ALSO, the company support is at the very top of the heap.I intend to have this unit a long time and quit worrying about conditioners.
Sorry I was talking about the AUDIENCE 6T The best line cond unit i have ever owned. Very musical great stage depth great bass Warm wonderful midrange HP was on the money with this one your right!!
I have a 2T unit. Just two outlets! And it is unquestionably dazzling in a way that getting a better sound would mean paying $25k or so for a speaker to as close to the absolute sound as paying $1600 for the 2T allows. (And it ain't even fully broken in yet! Just 150 hours or so.)
As Peter Moncrieff wrote about the SP-11, sell your mother into slavery! This is more "IT" than anything I've bought since 1986, when I became a member of "Insanity Central, The Audio Unit." It truly is flat-out dazzling. Freakily so.