Audience 60 vs. Meadowlark Kestrel

I am looking for a pair of small floor standers between $800-1200(used or demo) and am considering the two models. Does anybody have experience with both speakers? Or, if you think others are better in the same price range? Any recommendation will be helpful. Thanks.

BTW, the amp I'm using is the Musical Fidelity HT600 (the Five Channel version of the A3 CR)
I have personally never auditioned them but I understand the Thiel .05B may fit your bill and might be worth a listen. Best of luck to you in your search.
Are you set on these two pairs or are you interested with anything else. I may be in a position to unload my REGA JURAS which got a terrific review in the recent STEREOPHILE in the $1000.00 category for floorstanding speakers. Depending on your amp and certainly the rest of your system, the REGAS may or may not suit your taste and needs.
I just purchased a pair Maggie MMGs, heard them for the first time last week and could not pass up the sound. Thanks for your inputs.
You should look at Audience 80 and the sale at 1500$ A bit larger but should be pretty good.