I'm about to purchase these .I have done several searches and have read all the reviews.I've been using them for 2 weeks and love the sound.Just wondering if any one has opinons about them after using them or comparing them to other ICs.Before I take the plunge and spend 500$ on them .
Thank You
If you "love the sound", thats all you are after so just get the cords and call it good. FYI - In my system, to my ears, the Au24 ics sounded thin and not very dynamic. For the price, they are not bad.

There are literally hundreds of other ICs with characteristics all over the board and people literally spend thousands and take years tuning their systems with ICs, etc. If you don't have to immerse yourself into this brain damage, you are that much further ahead.

Asking this sort of open-ended question is almost guaranteed to get you dozens of answers that probably won't help you very much, if anyone responds at all. Thats because this type question has been asked a number of times on this forum and answered ad nauseum. I would suggest you search for other similar threads to get more answers.
Are you sure that they don't roll off the high end or give false timbre or false timbre decay sound in your system?

Your cruel!! Oops, I meant cruel!!!

I'b buy Cardas Golden Reference over Audience AU24.....

Call me vain but I got that.

Festivus to you!
Wow,Audience 24 IC?Cost as Kimber Kable,sounds as Monster cable...Just my 2 cents.
I liked Audience very much- I also liked Poeima. Right now I'm using Audio Tekne and like them. Tried Golden Reference in 2 different systems. Not for me.

Try cables in your system, buy what you like. AU24 are very good in my opinion. Remember- it's all about SYNERGY!
I found the Audience AU24 speaker cables as the right match for my system. The AU24 IC was good but I prefer the Stealth PGS IC for over all sound. The StraightWire Virtuoso IC has a more extended bottom end in my system but does not shine on the top end like the AU24. The Virtuoso was harsh in my former system but came to life when I upgraded to an EAD preamp/amp combo.
Go with what your ears tell you!
I have experience using the AU-24 interconnects in different configurations and have done many comparisons.
First off, as has been said before, cable suitabiltiy is entirely system-dependent. IMHO, "This is better than that" comments aren't very useful.
However, I have found that there are some consistent qualities AU-24s have regardless of how they're being used.
1) If they break, Audience fixes them. Free. They have a lifetime warranty. And, you don't have to be the original owner.
2) They are very non-fatiguing. Some cables make you want to listen to your system less, or cause you to notice it more. AU-24s don't.
3) "Musicality", define it how you will, is, also, one of their strong suits.
4) Sonic neutrality is another consistent trait AU-24s have, regardless of their application. These ain't no tone controls, that's for sure.
For example, if someone says they make his, or her, system sound more, "hifi-ish", that's probably because their system actually does sound, "hifi-ish". It may need a warm, "natural" i/c like George Cardas' Golden Reference, or Golden Cross. (His neutral cable is called, the Neutral Reference, by the way.)
5) AU-24s have good bass.
6) And, last, but certainly not least, these cables don't do anything unforgivably wrong. A rarer quality than one might think.
In short, they're good all around, all purpose cables.
Used improperly, however, they can sound a bit lifeless and not very dynamic.
So, use them right.
I like them on neutral, tubed CD players and feeding solid state amplifiers when said amps are driving very revealing speakers.
I hope you have found this useful.
Thanks for your input everybody.Like i said I'm very happy with my system.CARY805ae/REGAp9/RUBY3h/CARY302/SOLILOQUY sm23a/AU 24 speakercable 1 meter length/EVS passive attenuators&direct connection to amp.just wanted thoughts regarding the AU 24 IC ....i think i'll give the acoustic zen/nordost vahalla/stealth pgs a listen......
Thank You !....."Nietzchelover"...great info.Your impressions are consistent with mine.
the au-24's are very good and even better when used with the audience power cord...