Audience 1+1 with subwoofer

I am in the process of replacing my trusty Gallo Ref 3.5 with subamp by an Audience 1+1 V4 (plus potentially 2 SVS 3000 micros). This will give me the opportunity to compare the Audience 1+1 combined with the subamp section of the Gallos to the Gallo Ref 3.5 incl. the subamp. As the Gallo subamp allows me to choose crossover frequency etc.; it should be possible to achieve a reasonable result for an overall comparison. I will use a Radio Shack sound level meter for coarse adjustements of subamp to rest of speakers.

Has anybody any ideas or experience about:
- best crossover frequency 
- use of a hi-pass filter for the Audience (and if yes after preamp or after amp)

I use Quobuz, for serious classical listening a Shelter 90X with a VPI Super Scoutmaster, Shindo Masseto and a Audio Mirror Set amp.


Thanks for helpful input



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After having the excellent Gallo tweeter in your head I think you’ll be supremely disappointed by the Audience speakers.  I had them in my system on demo and was VERY disappointed, then brought them to a friend’s house and he thought they sounded broken.  Don’t understand the positive reviews of these speakers — worst I’ve ever heard. 

Thanks for a cautionary post !

Lets see after they arrive here - and after burning in.