Audible wow on Well Tempered TT

My 1988 WTT/TA motor runs well, but the belt kept slipping off so I bought a new one from LP Gear, which fixed that problem, but has an audible level of W&F compared to the original belt.  Anyone know of a better resource for a quality belt?
or Basis if it fits. Conti developed a proprietary process to grind a hyper flat belt.

Yep, I owned a Well Tempered and with a stretchy rubber belt you'll get audible wow. Since Stanalog is no longer in existence, Origin Live is your best, maybe your only option. I've corresponded with people who claim to have gotten mylar/kapton or silk threads to work with the Well Tempered, but I can't imagine how they did it. The tolerances would have been beyond my capabilities for sure.

Great table if you can live with the fussiness!
Origin live is the only one, I believe it’s a 35.1 if memory serves me, please don’t quote me on that. My WT has been in the closet for a long time, great table very quiet but have to agree with armstrod it’s fussy and silicone depth needs to match cartridge output.
What do you mean when you say silicone depth has to match cartridge output?