Audible Ilusion L-1 ?????

Any comments on this preamp? I am NEW to this audiophile "stuff". :)

My future system will be the Maggie 1.6 with Odyssey Stratos amp. Other equipment will be a Sansui TU 717 tuner... still deciding on a CD player.

I am looking at the Odyssey Tempest pre but with all the TUBE talk around here (and for less money) can get the Audible Illusion L-1. This amp seems to have similar qualities to the Audible Illusion Modulus 3A minus the phono.

Any comments?

Jump on this pre-amp. It is a gem, trouble free works wonders with solid state amps. Get NOS tubes from Upscale Audio and you'll be happy. I just sold one on this site. They usually can be had for 800-1000.
i agree..owned one for 4 years not one problem.....
Don't forget the Canadian market.
They can be had for
Very nice pre and can be had for a nice price. Owned one for many years and just recently sold it to move to a $5k unit. The built-in headphone amp while solid state is also very sweet sounding. I think one is available in the classifieds, highly recommended.