Audible Illusions wait time ?

Hello all,
Im in a bit of a quandary.
I had an old Audible Illusion 3A pre amp, that had some hiss and static on the volume. I called audible illusions and spoke to Art. He said it might be the volume pots. Long story short, he said he’d allow me to send him my old pre amp and move up to the new 3B. I said ok, and paid him for the 3B. He said it would take around 4 weeks. Now it’s going on 6. I called him and he said I’m behind two other people. (Once it is completed I am to send him my old pre amp) Now I’ve read about all the LONG lead times before the unit is manufactured (I see it can take    several months). Now I’m remembering, that I liked the 3A pre amp I had, (it was in storage for several years unused) but now I remembering that I didn’t like that volume WASN'T remote controlled. (Having to get up and down was a pain in the ass). I understand the pre amp is a good one, but I also don’t want to wait a few more months for delivery. Besides I’m thinking that I will be disappointed that the volume isn’t remote controlled. What do guys think?
After thinking about this, I think I’d really rather have a pre amp with a remote controlled volume. But is there anything out there around $3000 new or used I should look at that dan compete ? 
Id be willing to keep the deal as is, if I could get delivery in a week or two, but I really don’t think that will happen. Do think I should stay with the 3B, or pull out and look for another pre amp with volume control ? Thanks

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I was an AI dealer way back in the day. I’ve known Art (not Al) for all that time. Even back then, delivery was hit and miss. I really do believe Art "tries" to be honest in the lead times, but it usually is a lot longer.

AI is a very small company that only has a few employees, (IIRC, just Art, his wife and maybe two others). The preamps are built "when ordered". So there really isn’t any inventory of units.

Art was going to retire a few years ago, but customers, industry insiders and others convinced him to keep going once he moved to Florida. So he opened a new facility, but it’s rather small.

Also, ordering tubes or other parts can take awhile.

I love my preamp and really don’t think you can do better for anywhere near the money, (just my opinion).

The new L3B has a remote, if you don’t need or would be willing to buy a separate phono stage.

It’s, of course, your call if you want to move on.
@georgehifi...usually Art has you hang on to your unit until the new one is ready to ship. I’m pretty sure the OP still has his original M3A. Art also gives a very excellent trade-in price, so I’m sure the OP will trade it in.

I spoke with Art, and I am going to get the line stage instead of the 3B. (It has the remote volume)

Also, just to avoid confusion, both units are 3B’s. You have the M3A or B which is a full function preamp with phono, but NO remote. The L3A or B is a Line Stage Only WITH remote.
@georgehifi, (or anyone else that’s interested) of the buys of the century are refurbed units from AI:

What is a Factory Reconditioned Modulus? Audible Illusions allows M3A owners to trade in their current preamp for the latest model M3B. Of the units sent for trade, the very best are selected for the refurbishment program. These units are carefully inspected, checked, measured and adjusted. Any suspect parts are replaced and matched to factory specifications. The units are cleaned and preened to look virtually new.

After they have met the high standards of Audible Illusions, a fresh set of tubes is installed and they are packaged in a new box with new manual and accessories.

What makes a Factory Reconditioned unit such a great value? Unlike other used units on the market, you have the benefit of knowing that your unit has been fully evaluated and certified by Audible Illusions. The designer himself, Art Ferris, personally checks EVERY factory reconditioned unit. You’ll be comfortable knowing that your preamp is operating at peak performance and is backed by a factory warranty. With a Factory Refurbished unit, you know what you are buying, and it’s a unit that performs as it did when it first left the factory.

Contact Galen at Galen Carol Audio. The units only run about $1500 USD.  He gets them from time to time and they usually sell very quickly.  He sometimes has other models too.

I’ve seen and heard several of these units and they indeed look and perform like brand new ones. An incredible buy on a great preamp...