Audible Illusions wait time ?

Hello all,
Im in a bit of a quandary.
I had an old Audible Illusion 3A pre amp, that had some hiss and static on the volume. I called audible illusions and spoke to Art. He said it might be the volume pots. Long story short, he said he’d allow me to send him my old pre amp and move up to the new 3B. I said ok, and paid him for the 3B. He said it would take around 4 weeks. Now it’s going on 6. I called him and he said I’m behind two other people. (Once it is completed I am to send him my old pre amp) Now I’ve read about all the LONG lead times before the unit is manufactured (I see it can take    several months). Now I’m remembering, that I liked the 3A pre amp I had, (it was in storage for several years unused) but now I remembering that I didn’t like that volume WASN'T remote controlled. (Having to get up and down was a pain in the ass). I understand the pre amp is a good one, but I also don’t want to wait a few more months for delivery. Besides I’m thinking that I will be disappointed that the volume isn’t remote controlled. What do guys think?
After thinking about this, I think I’d really rather have a pre amp with a remote controlled volume. But is there anything out there around $3000 new or used I should look at that dan compete ? 
Id be willing to keep the deal as is, if I could get delivery in a week or two, but I really don’t think that will happen. Do think I should stay with the 3B, or pull out and look for another pre amp with volume control ? Thanks

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You will eventually get your piece, it just may take 3-6 months longer than expected.  No joke.