Audible Illusions vs CJ preamps: sonic difference?

I know how CJ sounds; how does AI M3a sound different than say a PV-11 or PV-12?

OMG!!..inferior service and risk damage that may occur? How shocking!! Grant Fidelity is the only Premier Vendor listed on the Psvane's website for North America. And I'm certain since the order is placed via internet to the Factory in China, that Psvane will make certain their tubes are packaged well enough to ship safely. Besides, it would take a MAC truck to run over the wood box the tubes come in to damage them, since they are built like the heavy duty type of tubes were 50 years ago. Inferior service is a false accusation against Grant Fidelity. They have their own blog made up of many Audiophiles that are very pleased with their service. Grant will also price match any other vendor's prices as long as you provide a web link or a price sheet and can prove the vendor is an authorized dealer.
Attempting to damage Grant Fidelity as a company providing inferior service is a low blow to get members to buy from Trelja. Nice try "Sandbox".
RE: the original question, let me put in a good word for c-j. I have not heard the AI.

The PV-11 and 12 are long discontinued budget preamps. You will generally find the current production c-j preamps in Class A in Stereophile and recommended in TAS. c-js Statement preamps (currently the GAT) are considered state of the art.

Does that mean you will like a c-j preamp better than the AI? No. But c-j does build fine preamps that are not dark or rolled off. They are not hard on tubes and the sound can be tailored by rolling a variety of tube brands.

I would listen to some more recent c-js before writing them off.