Audible Illusions vs CJ preamps: sonic difference?

I know how CJ sounds; how does AI M3a sound different than say a PV-11 or PV-12?

The only tubes that Audible Illusions recommends fully are the Sovtec 6922's or the Russian Military 6H23EB's. Most all other brands they recommend with reservation which will result in a shorter tube life. They do not recommend you to buy at all the China 6DJ8H, the Sylvania 6DJ8 or the Philips 69J8. The Psvane tubes as I mentioned, are built to the standards of tubes 50 years ago and tubes from that era would last an average of ten years or longer due to their heavy filaments and thicker envelopes resulting in a higher heat threshold.
Had the discussion in 2009 here on Gon about AI eating up tubes. Even AI technician and owner came in the discussion. By design, AI will be hard on tubes and only the most rugged ones will resist.
>>so they arrive very qucikly by air so you don't have to go through a long waiting period with other vendors who receive the tubes at their business location first in the States then to your home.<<

I know that Audiogon member Trelja stocks these tubes in the United States and in most cases they arrive much quicker than any shipment from China.

Why pay for inferior service and/or risk damage that may occur from long distance shipping?

Interesting I don't see a 6922 listed in Psvane's offerings.

You are aware of that, right audiozero?

Audiofeil, I noticed that as well.

On the AI issue, I've been running a 2B for close to two years now with no tube issues. Probably not the best preamp if you like to roll tubes but sounds great with the recommended tubes provided by AI. For me if it sounds good and is reliable, no problem one less thing to fuss about..