Audible Illusions S150 STEREO AMPLIFIER, anyone?

Greetings to all music lovers out there.

I’m curious why there is not much information about the current Audible Illusions power amplifier, neither much info about the previous models..


Share your experience with the Audible Illusions power amps, on paper the S150 appears to be amazing, and is designed by Joh Curl.

Thanks to all.

Call Art Ferris of AI and ask him about his amps. AI is known for their M3B preamp and L3A line stage.

If you want the current thinking for John Curl amps, you might consider the offerings by Parasound. 
What I found interest on the specs of the Audible Illusions S150, is the Class A Bias till 50 Watts, very different from the actual John Curl designs on Parasound..