Audible Illusions Modulus L1

I've been reading audiogon for about 2 months, and have seen in more than one discussion that the AI 3A has some "anti-glare" filter in the CD channel; the writers recommend using "auxilllary" or "tape" for the CD player. Is this really true, and is it true of the L1? I've owned the unit for about 5 years, using it with c-j Premiere 11 amp, theil speakers. I have no complaints about it; never needed service, pretty quiet. Please advise, thanks, Mark 1/11/03
The L-1 is exactly like the M3A. There is a set of resistors in the input circuit of the CD input that, according to Art Ferris, is suppose to reduce the harshness of lower cost CD players. Use any other input but this one for best sound. I believe the Tape input is the most direct.
There's also a set of resistors in output #2 also. I always use output #1. These are suppose to reduce tube glare but they seem to impart a little high frequency rolloff.
Bigtee is right on the mark with his comments on the L1. I've owned this unit for over five years and you'll get audibly better results using the tape input for your cd player. Try it.