Audible Illusions Modulus 3A vs. CJ Premier 14 ?

I'm considering a tube preamp for a solid state amp
(McCormack DNA1). I'd like to hear from those who might
have experience with these two preamps. I listen to a lot of acoustic music.

I have an Audible right now with a Pass Labs Aleph 3. I got rid of the McCormack DNA 1 because both preamp and amp had too much gain. I wasn't able to turn the preamp up more than three steps on most music. The speakers were 91 db. Too much gain with the audible/mccormack combo if you have half way sensitive speakers. had the CJ 14 since l996, like it a lot, not just for the excellent sound quality but for the convenience (a terrific remote) and flexibility (multiple inuts and outputs). Also important with any tube gear is the service you can expect from the manufacturer. CJ is clearly committed to great service. I have no direct experience with AI, but have heard and read numerous not-so-great comments about their service and support.The only downside is that the CJ requires use of an outboard phono stage, while you an get one built into the AI.
The Audible is a great preamp and dare I say a little more neutral than the CJ. Cj preamps have always had a sound that let you know they were CJ's.
The 3A is a great match with McCormack. It offers a dip switch internally that will reduce the gain 7db. I have used one for a lot of years. No complaints. If you talk to Art Ferris, usually he will take care of you.
I did not personally find the gain objectional but I would think this would be system and room dependent.
I am currently using one paired with my Theta Dreadnaught.
Make sure you use the tape inputs or aux. for your CD player. The CD input has a pair of resistors to "Cut CD Glare."
If you want an outboard phono, get an L-1. You can most certainly control its gain. Most feel the L1 sounds at least as good as the 3A.
Tubes make a much bigger difference with AI pre's that most others.
I have had both c-j and AI units. c-j service has a reputation for being available and responsive, and that has been my experience to date. With regards to AI. I have found them also to be responsive and helpful. Jerry in service, and Art Ferris (owner and chief designer) have been responsive, helpful and willing to give of their time and expertise. Re: c-j 14 vs A.I.,,,,,,with it's absence of a cathode follower I have found the AI (I am presently running a modulus 3A with a MV-55) to be clear and sweet without being euphonic; and without the veiling traditionally associated with cathode followers. Plus, it has an excellent phono stage that will accomodate MM and higer output MC cartridges. It is not fatiguing, yet resolves detail well. Check out both companies web sites., and try to get a home trial if you can.
Thanks to all for your comments.
As usual, the shared expertise of the Audiogon
community is a precious help.

Both are great preamps, I own the cj premier 14 and have heard AI numerous times and almost bought a couple of times but didn't pull the trigger. The premier 14 is more neutral IMO than the earlier premier cj's - but mine responds really well to Mullard tubes. Gives it a Very rich tonal balance and palpable soundstage - voice can be scary. Depends on other equipment and tastes... good luck.
A-B'd the CJ/3A/VAC preamps. CJ and 3A close, thought the CJ slightly more vibrant, a little less colored sound, an attractive pre. 3A's got nice slam, almost a little too chunky a sound and analog warmth at the expense of realism and detail.

VAC outdid both - more refined, more accurate, more dynamic; sounds are clearer and cut through in ways the other two can't. Same punch, same solidity of bass but stripped of the slightly artificial, exaggerated analog layer of the 3A. Noticeably more detail, depth, conciseness, and imaging vis-a-vis the other two.