Audible Illusions Modulus 3A Gain?? moving coil

Thank you for your help and is the question.

I'm on the fence about buying this preamp with the installed gold phono board but first need to know if there will be sufficient GAIN using a 0.4mV low output cartridge.

If a step-up is necessary, please recommend your favourite.

ty :-)
DP, I have just done the same research and sent away for one (used). My research indicates that there is plenty of gain, and that you should have no problem. I think someone who has one in house will confirm this for you. You can also change the loading by inserting the proper resistors in the sleeves in the Gold phono board.

Good luck, Peter S
Hi, I weighed up the same problem before buying a 3A but in a slightly different context. I looked at using the 3A without the Gold step-up and instead using a high-output MC cartridge. The benefit here was not to save cash but to remove an extra stage from the amplification process. I opted for the VdH Frog high output (2mV)which to my ears has worked out exceedingly well. I run straight into 47k and probably the sound is best described as direct like MM yet retains the MC virtues. It might be worth considering such an approach. Partenering gear is Art Audio Diavolo via AZ Silver Ref and Living Voice OBX speakers. Cheers.
Modulus 3A has more than enough gain for a Denon DL103R which is a pretty low output cartridge. I jave the John Curl MC upgrade boards and it sounds very, very good with the 103R.

Mid level gain cartridges should work fine with the moving magnet tubed stage. Only the very lowest output cartridges require the additional MC step up.