Audible Illusions Modulus 3 and Rogue M-120 Okay?

Would like comments on compatibility of the Audible Illusions Modulus 3 (not 3a) and the Rogue Audio Magnum M-120 mono blocks. I already have the Rogue mono blocks and am thinking of using the Audible Illusions Modulus 3.
They'll match fine impedance wise.

Sound wise, I have a similar set-up in terms of the sound sound characteristics of the components: AI L1 and Rogue Magnum 88. In a nutshell, the combo is very dynamic, has lots of body, and enough tube "tone" so that you know it's not solid state.

All AI preamps are voiced pretty clean but the earlier AI preamps, e.g. Mod 3, are supposed to be warmer sounding than the later ones. Rogue amps are very clean sounding (that's why they're so great for rock) - - a Mod 3 might have that extra bit of tube warmth/body/tone that'll make an extremely good match with M-120s.

But... it all depends on what type of sound you want to get from your system.
A local Audiogon seller let me try out his Audible Illusions L2. The match was quite good, however, the background hissing from the preamp was so prominent through the speakers - even when playing music at normal easy listening levels. You have to turn up the volume to not hear it. I ended up returning it.
Morgandogge, AI preamps have reputation for being very quite. Suggest you tell the owner to buy a good set of tubes.
Yeah, if a recent AI preamp is noisy, it's almost certainly too old tubes or the owner has tried a different tube type in an attempt at rolling the sound.
AI Preamps do not quickly consume tubes. I've owned the M3 and M3A for a dozen years and only retubed once - not because the tubes were noisy or weak - just to warm the midrange a little. Installed Amperex Bugle Boys. Talk about taking the preamp to the next level...WOW!!
Once I get used to noises I'm able to tune them out, so I'm okay with it.

But I can definitely see someone else being driven bonkers.

How long have the Bugle Boys lasted, and have they been in the M3 or the M3A (or both)?

The Bugle Boys are about four years old now. They improved the overall smoothness and air significantly. Especially, the midrange. Honestly, the M3A is at least one order of magnatude better now with these tubes. Also, they are reasonably priced. At least compared to the Telefunken's I installed in the Herron.
Thanks, Rballdude. Four years seems impressive given AI's (undeserved?) reputation for tube eating. May I ask who was your source for the Bugle Boys?? There is someone currently selling three pair on Audiogon, however there is always an element of risk when purchasing older tubes..
I had the Magnum 88 for a little while. I tried taking the cover off so I could disconnect the fan. Problem was that the chassis wasn't designed to operate that way. Real flimsy without the cover. Thought for sure the thing was going to snap in half.
I had a pair of Rogue M-120's and had mated them with an AI Mod 3a. It was a superb combination. I haven't heard the Mod 3 but I understand it was a bit darker sounding than the Mod 3a. My Rogue's originally had Sovtek KT-88 power tubes and they sounded a bit bright and harsh with the Mod 3a so I swapped out the KT-88's for some 6550's which was a significant improvement. I'm thinking that KT-88 power tubes in the Rogue amps might be just the ticket for the darker sounding Mod 3.
I had Rogue M-120`s and had them "upgraded " to the M150`s. I preferred the sound of the M-120`s. Nevertheless, I have used both the L1 and L2 linestage and have had excellent results with both. Tube rolling with the Rogue can make huge differences. Same with the Audible Illusions. You`ve gotta pay for great tubes though. And there are a lot of fake copies out there. I`m 100% satisfied with the Audible Illusions linestages.