Audible Illusions Modulos 3a/Classe CA300 Okay?

Hi! Everyone is this match a Audible Illusions Modulos 3A & Classe CA300 a good amp/preamp match. Looking for the impedance masters or just those who may have experience in this setup. Thanks in adavance for any help....

Cheers Deanna
Well if the CA 300 is similar to the CA 200, which I am guessing it is in terms of input impedance, 75k, then youÂ’re good, if it is like the CA 301 at 16k then that would not be a good match.

That output impedance of the AI 3a is spec'd at 1.2k, probably at 1000Hz, but measured 1.8k by S'phile, again probably at 1000Hz. Typically at the Frq. extremes it will be higher then that.

If you have then manual for the Classe see what it has for input impedance.