Audible Illusions M3A preamp--best matching amp

I am looking for the best match for a Audible Illusions M3A preamp. I was thinking of a VTL amp but I have no clue if they can work together. I am also considering a Pass Aleph 5 but still I am not sure if they match. All inputs are welcome.
I have both a Modulus 3 and a 3A in two different systems. I have used both with a Classe Ten amp, a Classe Fifteen amp, a Odyssey Stratos extreme modified, a McCormack DNA 1, and a VTL ST-80 amp. I liked the pairing with the VTL the least as I think it was too much of a good thing (too many tubes) and the music sounded dark and uninvolving. The best I have heard it is with the Odyssey Stratos which is what I am using now.
Second the Odyssey Stratos suggestion. They were a great match in my system when I used the pair with Totem Forests.
I have Primaluna 6 monoblocks with NOS tubes except for the
12ax7's which were as good as it gets, and I'm in heaven.
I'm using very old VTL Compact 100's with my AI M3B, and it sounds great...

Impossible to make a meaningful recommendation without knowing what speakers you are using and how much you are willing to spend. It would also be helpful to know what type of music you listen to and at what level.

How about these?



A better question might be where are the volume attenuators set at normal listening levels with a particular amplifier. Look here then do a broad search.

Contact the manufacture for more definitive information...
Any tube amp and most transistor amps will work fine with the M3A.
I had a Modulus 3A paired with Clayton Audio M 70's that sounded glorious.
I've had my AIM3A with the ARC 150.2 for several years now and I find it a terrific match. Maggie 1.6/Vandy 2W Sub are the speakers.
Before that I had the Bryston 3BST and while it was good, the ARC is better in every way. Good luck.