Audible Illusions M3A or AI L-1 and CJ EV-1

I just got a turntable and bought a used M3 to replace my L-1, but to my ears the L-1 sounds better. I called AI to make sure I wasn't having a case of audiophilia nervosa and they said that indeed the L-1 is better than the M3. But they also said that the M3A is better than the L-1. So now I want to upgrade, but I'm wondering if the L-1 with a CJ EV-1 would be better or the M3A. Does anyone have any experience with these setups? BTW, those two volume knobs on the M3 are driving me CRAZY!

I owned an M3A (in fact two of them) and I honestly like the L-1 better. It may have a touch more "Tubey" sound. The M3A was noisier and a little leaner sounding. Also, the volume is much easier to control with the L-1. The M3A phono section is a good one, no doubt about it. However, my vote goes for the L-1 and an outboard phono. They're certainly a lot of them to choose from.
BTW, AI has come out with the new L-2 linestage with remote and a phono section(sold as a add-on) for it. I have one on order so as of right now, I can't comment on its qualities.
Another Bruce Moore design is the MFA Magus. It is more musical than the AI design. It certainly sounds better than the CJ.