Audible Illusions M3A factory refurbished or MFA MAGUS Bruce Moore checked?

I have a chance to purchase either a Audible Illusions M3A factory refurbished or a MFA MAGUS checked by Bruce Moore.
Did anyone ever compared them side by side?
Let’s just say that if it was race night and you wanted to fill the stands by providing the audience with good close racing --- that is a pair of horses that would be scheduled for the same race.
I prefer the Magus, but if you are planning to use the phono section, a good number of them have a non-RIAA extension to the equalization that causes them to be bright. Its only two parts in the EQ that get bypassed- its easily sorted out. The later units do not have this 'feature'.

I use an MFA Magus B, and also own an Audible Illusions L1. I bought the MFA for the well-regarded phono section, the AI for the headphone amp-but it lacks phono. I recently purchased a relatively high-end phono set up with a low output MC, and also bought an SUT. Obviously, I’m using the MFA now, but I have high regard for both preamps. Since you didn’t give a hint of what you are planning to listen to with the units I’ll just say that, if using analog, I believe that both are good choices.