audible illusions m3a

Hello everyone,I need service for this preamp does anyone know how to contact AI?
here's google link
Do a search on here under:  "audible illusions customer service ".  Not the best in the industry.  Might take awhile to get a hold of them.
I'm a victim. You should have a back preamplifier lined up in case (when) their return date comes and goes.

[Hint] After your first phone call use other peoples phones to get through. 

Is it really that bad?
I also had an AI preamp, the best phono stage I ever had was in it. I sold it before ever having any problems.

If it's not warranty work I would try Ric at EVS.

He used to build those preamps when he worked at AI. He does not however have a very high opinion of Art and has some rather interesting stories of how Art acquired the company.

No personal experience, was interested at one time, to be honest the output impedance was a serious concern for me, but the infamous reputation for customer support ultimately scared me off.