Audible Illusions L-1 vs. Modulus L-1

Any technical/feature differences?

The L-1 shows being produced in 94 while the Modulus L-1 shows 95.

Sound differences?

The L -1's are very much the same from year to year. Audible Illusions used Modulus to describe all of their preamps. For some reason the L-1 line stage does not sound as good as the full funtion 3's or 3A's, maybe the extra gain controls or some other diffrence. Just get a 3 of some vintage, very repectable sound for the money.
They are the same creatures. There have been little updates in the L-1 since its introduction but the basic unit has not changed. It has the same circuitry as the line stage of the M3A. I currently use a 1995 model. I should have my new L-2 within a week or so.