Audible Illusions L-1 vs. Marsh P2000T preamps?

HI. I have about $800 to spend on a good used preamp. I would like to have a nice tube preamp that is still detailed and not too "molasses-like". 2 items I am looking at are the Audible Illusions L-1 and Marsh P2000T. I have used cheaper SS preamps in my system, and I like the detail, but not the grain. The highs of some tubes I have heard are quite desirable as well. I am pairing it with a somewhat warm SS amp and "musical" speakers (Von Schweikert VR-2).

The Audible Illusions L-1 is a pure tube preamp, while the Marsh is a hybrid. I have heard that the L-1 is the same unit as the 3A without the phono stage (which I don't need). The Marsh, while I haven't been able to get too much info on it, seems to be very well recieved by those who have heard it.

Any opinions on either of these two units?
The L-1 and 3A are not identical -- the 3A is dual mono and features dual volume controls.

I hear you about grain in lesser quality SS preamps. That said, you may want to consider adding the Audio Research LS-3 SS amp to your list. Available for $600-$700 used, I have owned one for nine years and it definitely holds its own against the much more costly preamps that have succeeded it in my main system (I use the LS-3 in my second system). It does everything very well (grain-free, very musical, dynamic, extended, transparent and well-built) and retailed for $1,700 when released in 1995.

I have no experience with the Marsh. The L-1 is a very nice preamp for the money (about equal to my LS-3 in overall value -- a touch more bloom and less extended at the frequency extremes in comparison).

Good luck.
The L-1 is dual mono but uses two gain controls(one for each channel) and a single volume control that uses twin wipers(instead of using two actual volume controls but performs the same function.) Actually, the L-1 is easier to control the volume than the M3A and a better setup in my opinion.
It is basically the the M3A without the phono board. It does have an excellent headphone amp also.
Tube quality effects the overall sound of the AI products more than most. You can add sparkle or midrange bloom by trying different tubes as in most tube preamps.
The L-1 is just a hair softer sounding than the M3A. However, that isn't really a bad thing. It is an excellent overall preamp and hard to beat. It certainly is more neutral than some tube pre's out there.
If you end up with one, the best input for CD is the Aux. input and the best output is output #1. These do not have resistors in the circuit as output #2 and CD in do. It gives you a more neutral signal path.
In response to Bigtee's proven expertise in AI pre-amps, let me opine that, to my ears, the best input on the L1 is to use the tape input for your most favored line source.

Also, a belated thanks to Bigtee for informing me where the dip switches were on my L1. Thanks!
Theduke, you might be right. I used my L-2 with the tape in jacks at times. My thinking was hopefully to bypass the source switch and just go through a single set of contacts on the tape in switch. I never could decide which was actual better but I will take your word for it.