Audible Illusions: how good really

How good is the Modulus 3A really? I am thinking of getting a Simaudio Moon amp with either the 3a (cheap route) or maybe something a bit more expensive, say the Moon P-5. So how well does the 3A really stand up to these 3,000.00 plus categories of preamps. Anyone have any thoughts.
Hi , I too am considering the Audible Illusion preamp 3A. I've got a tech in Lewiston Maine who'd love to do an upgrade on one if I buy it. I'll be following you responses. Many say its the best thing since sliced bread, and considering the price I'd like to believe 'em. I recently tried a BAT preamp and a Audio Prism, both of which blew away my Counterpoint 3000.
Well, I'm not sure if this answers your question, but I own the Audible Illusions Mod 1 which I have had for at least 10 years. I am extremely pleased with it and wouldn't hesitate to consider the 3A. At the price, I think it's better than any bread I could slice.
I owned this preamp and had good sound. Then I listened to a CAT sl1 ultimate. Now I have great sound. For the price it is a decent preamp but I would never purchase another.
I have an L-1 which is the 3A without the phono stage. It is awesome and is very transparent. And that's the point.
I have auditioned at least 10 pre-amps and I now have the latest version of the A I M3A.I also have the best recommended tubes in it.Of the 4 others that I have owned and of the rest that I have auditioned ,this is by far the best.The L I while sounding good in its own right is not the same animal and has not kept up with all of the upgrades the the M3A has had in regular production models.
I've had a AI2 d for 6 years and no problems at all. The 3a w/phono if you need it can't be beat. Most pre-amps in that price range are solid state and that is enough to make your decision right there. I think you would find greater pride of ownership in a tube product vs SS.
I own the M3, which is basically the same as the M3A but w/o the step attenuator. I bought this used off the web w/o an audition after reading all the rave reviews. Let me just say that the sound is very technical vs. one that is musical. Don't get me wrong, it's very good but not great. I think this preamp has all the characteristics that the typical audiophile wants - imaging, soundstaging, etc. I personally prefer something that is a bit musical with some soul. I auditioned a Cary 98 preamp that, in my opinion, sounded much more musical. Guess it comes down to what you're looking for. Regards,
The A I M3A has upgrades at least once each year.The latest M3A has the edge on all previous ones and used can be found for around $1600.Try before you buy.Good luck !