Audible Illusions...GREAT SERVICE

I recently needed to send my M3A preamp back to AI to have the volume controls replaced due to deteriorating contacts. Needless to say, I was afraid to part with the preamp because of the many horror stories that I had heard about AI having peoples equipment for months before returning it. I was told by several people not to sent my preamp in if at all possible. I contacted Art Ferris at AI and I was assured that problems in getting peoples equipment back had occurred when they were doing upgrades. They no longer do upgrades. If you want the newest version of the preamp you just send your old unit in with a check for half the price of a new unit and you are shipped a brand new unit. To make a long story short, I recieved my unit back within 2 weeks of shipping it and it sounds better than ever! I know, changing volume controls shouldn't make that much difference in the sound, but I suspect that other improvements were made. Anyway, I just wanted to let people know that I found Art Ferris and Audible Illusions to offer GREAT and very fast service. Thanks Art.
Hi-Do you have a number where I can reach them? Thanks
Actually changing volume controls can make a big difference!
Their number is 925-463-2380. You may get an answering machine when you call, if so, leave a message. They were always good about getting back to me.
Ramstl is correct, a volume control makes an enormous difference and ofter overlooked in most of todays gear. It is likely that is all that was done to your unit.
i got mine back and they forgot to replace the volume controls. there aren't any. it's got beautiful black background but that's about all i can say for the mod.
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