Audible Illusions Contact....Help

I own two Audible Illusions Modulus preamps, a 2D and a 3A. I need a part for the 2D and have had no success in contacting Audible Illusions. Over the last two weeks I have sent two e-mails to them ( and received no response. I have tried calling them @ (510) 463-2381, which is the number in my 3A owner's manual, but get a recording saying the number is not in service (or something like that). If anyone knows how to reach them or where to get parts (I only need a capacitor), or who has had experience dealing with them, I would appreciate some help. Thanks.
Try this number. It is the one in the manufacturers list here on Audiogon. 925-463-2380
The Audible preamps all sound good but based on MY experience...DO NOT SEND YOUR EQUIPMENT TO AI FOR REPAIR...unless you have another preamp and don't need your AI back any time soon. Good Luck!