Audible Illusions 3A vs Belles 28A

Has anyone compared these two preamps? I can upgrade from a Modulus to a Belles for a reasonable price but am wondering if this makes sense. Thanks for your opinions
I own both a Modulus 3A and a Modulus 3B preamp and I don't think you be gaining anything by going to the Belles. I think you will be losing. The Modulus 3 was rated one of the best preamps of all times. It also has an excellent phono preamp as well. I don't think it's a good move.
Wouldn't haveing preactial experience with the Bells as well as some knowledge of system synergy be more helpful to the original poster?

I've owned two versions of the M3A and I wouldn't dare recommend either of them for a number of reasons.
Thanks, I am using the M3A with an Orpheus 3S and APh Caldera II, which is a great combination I am happy with. Was just wondering if the Belles 28A would add something to this happiness
Actually, no real reason. I came from SS (JR) and went to tubes (M3A). I would not mind to go to SS again if this is an improvement.