Audible Illusions 3A phonostage with Ayre KX-5 Twenty

This may seem crazy, but I'd like to try a tube phonostage with my Ayre KX-5/VX-5 Twenty preamp/amp, and wonder if the phonostage of an Audible Illusions Modulus 3A preamp might be suitable.  The 3A has no balanced output.  Its output is 1.5V; the Ayre can accept 8V.  But the AI output impedance is 1.2 kΩ; the Ayre input is 1MΩ.  Is that a problem?   
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I have Ayre as well....when I use the balanced operation, there is a definite improvement in the sound.  If you don't use the differentially balanced circuit, you're effectively not using 1/2 of the amp.  You can call Gary at Ayre who is a very nice guy and will answer your questions
I've talked with folks at Audible Illusions and Ayre who assure me it will be fine to take the tape output of an M3A to the input of a KX-5 Twenty.  The tape output by-passes the preamp and thus volume control, and the Ayre doesn't duplicate RIAA.  Gary said the high input impedance of the Ayre preamp assures no undue effect from the connection.  Finally, it's a set to tape output and phono input and forget, no need to manually change the volume controls of the AI unit, its most annoying feature.