Audible Illusions 3A MM or MC phono board?

I recently purchased an Audible Illusions 3A from 2003 with MM phono board which I use with the Reson Reca MM phono cartridge (improved Goldring 1042).
I also have a Reson Etile MC cartridge (improved Goldring Elite). I am unsure now whether it is worth the money to upgrade to the AI MC gold board so I can use the MC cartridge. I live in Europe so I guess installing a new Gold Board will cost me about 1000 USD at least. I have tried to contact Audible illusions to find European distributors, but no response. Is there anyone in this forum who can advice? Is it worth the money and hassle to upgrade the AI phono board? And if yes, where do I get one? Thanks
Unfortunately for some years now it has been difficult, aggravating, and often fruitless to try to get response or service out of Audible Illusions or its owner/manager Art Ferris. If you should succeed in getting hem to accept your preamp for altering, it could be--literally!-- years before you get it back.I think you would be better off getting a decent "head amp." That's what they used to call an active moving coil stepup device. There are also passive mc transformers out there.
For what it's worth, I believe the Mod 3A's phono stage to be well worth using, even with an outboard mc stepup device.
I have to second the setup transformer recommendation, and I had Art upgrade my 3B with the JC Gold MC board. I sounds great and Arts a really nice guy but you won't see your preamp for months and months and months....
Thanks for your input. Then perhaps I will stick to the MM, as I am still not sure whether it is worth the investment. The AI is a great amp anyway, also for MM.
You can still use a High output MC. I think it should be at least 2.5mv though.
Now it takes years? Wow. I'm not sure exactly what percentage of that preamp was designed by Bruce Moore and John Curl.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the Gold moving coil phono section was designed by John Curl. Parasound is currently marketing phono preamplifiers designed by John Curl and are said to be extremely well designed and a good value.
A year ago Art installed the gold phono board so I could use my Dynavector XX2. Turnaround time was two weeks and I'm immensely happy with the upgrade.