Audible illusion L1 potentiometer upgrades

has anyone upgraded the potentiometer on this preamp? any sonic different? better? worst? or not worthy? also i am looking at tkd pots (cant afford step attenuator from Dact)as a subtitution for the stock pots, planning to bypass the 2 mono pots since i always have them all the way up, and replace just the stereo master volume.Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks!
For the mono pots the L1 uses 2-50k-conductive plastic audio taper, custom mfg. for us by Bourns. The stereo pot is a Bourns 20k conductive plastic. If you bypass the mono pots a TKD 50k stepped attenuator would improve performance. Regards, Jerry/AI Tech.
Thanks Jerry,it's nice to hear from you again, your suggestion is always helpful and appreciated, thanks again!
Tim, Look at the Goldpoint attenuators about $80 each and he will make any taper and impedance you want. Very good quality, good looking attenuators along with fast and reliable service .
Thanks Bob,i have checked it out, great site, stepped attenuator is always my priority, but since they are too large and will not fit in my application, i have to go with good quality potentiometer and TKD is on my list even if i buy it i hope it will fit in nicely.Thanks again for your suggestion.