Audia flight vs Ear 324

Hello all, I'm considering the purchase of a new phono and these two take the top positions on my list.

Hence the dilemma without any hong trial.... Any one has the experience of comparing both sets? Thanks in advance!
A 324 just sold for $2600.00 on the 'Gon. Having owned one the $2600.00 was a steal.

If you see another one @ that price forget about your AF Vs. EAR thread and buy it, it's that good.
I purchased the EAR 324 without audition to replace the phono stage I lost when I sold my VAC pre amp and have been very pleased with the sound. I echo the recommendation to buy one if you find one for $2600. You wouldn't have any problem reselling this piece; it is a very highly regarded unit and very flexible.
Very good comments for the EAR. Just curious about whether the phono is quiet?.... My previous Pass Xono is really really quiet.
Shsohis , I suggest you to listen the Whest Audio PS30 RDT , probably one of the best SS phono stage available today
Yes, very quiet! Like a church mouse during service!
The 324 is really x3 quiet.

Had the ASR Exclusive and it was as quiet as the ASR.
EAR 324 is an ideal choice if you have two arms using multiple MM and MC carts. For as low as $4,xxx, it is still within reach by many vinyl lovers.

I haven't heard Audia Flight in a controlled environment. But if you like solid state phono, you have a lot to choose from. IMHO, Audionet PAM is also a decent, reliable option with very high build quality. You may do some research on it:)