Audia flight or Gryphon for Amati


I bought the pair of beautiful Sonus Faber Amati Anniversarios, and I have a small budget for electronics.
I see two options for amplification my speakers:
- Gryphon Diablo
- Audia Flight FL100 + FL pre
What is better for my speakers?
(I listen classics, baroque, opera music, and some hard rock/metal).

Thanks in advance!
Hi Crow,

I ran SF Strad with Gryphon Antileon for years...and now still run Gryphon Colosseum. SEnsational and many, many had advised me on the magic in the combination between SF and gryphon. i cannot speak to Audia...sorry.

But i can definitely say Gryphon is sensatinoal with SF. Could also try Vitus integrated apparently. Good luck.
I've heard Anniversarios with Unison Research S8. Very good result! Surprisingly! What You think about this match?
A very good match...SF and tubes have nearly always gone well in my experience. The question is whether you felt the Unison Research S8 had enough power to drive the bass. If so, you should be in great shape.
You cant miss with the gryphon diablo integrated...