Audia Flight CD One

I find that I am intrigued by this player, if anyone has had a chance to listen to it your impressions would be very much welcomed.

Thank you

Very nice cdplayer but with tough competition. It's not harsh and very good with classical music. It has European finesse and authority also a very good electric toploading mechanism that works smooth. 3 seperated power supplies and goos antivibration chassis.
I've heard this Italian cd player when I was in Hong Kong. I liked it a lot and almost bought one. I ended up buying a Metronome CD-2V signature instead.

To give some perspective, here are the CD players I liked when I was in the market for one: Audia Flight One, Metronome CD-2V, Meridian G09, Lindemann 820, Goldmund SRDVD, and the Audio Aero Prima.
Thank you Kops and Alvinlin for your input.

Alvinlin - is the Meridian G09 a new model or is it a typo?
I just got their CD player and WOW! I am extremely impressed with the dynamics the player potrays. I liked this compared to the metronome CD-2V. There is no comparision against the oracle that i also had a chance to listen to. One of the most musical sounding CD Players in the market.
The G09 is a typo. I meant Meridian G08.

Usa, I thought the build quality of the Audia Flight was top notch. It was built like a tank.

Which other CD players did you audition before choosing the AF CD1?