Audia Flight 50 v Pass Labs XA30.5

I am wondering if anyone has compared these two amps. Pass is well known; while well known in Europe, the Italian Audia Flight is only now catching on in the US. They both cost roughly the same and have roughly the same class A power. Wondering if the sound could be characterized as similar -- hopefully liquid, detailed, smooth and without the glare/distortion in the highs (eg, violins) that plaques the vast majority of audio gear. I would wonder if one or the other has more laid back highs (which I prefer to the forward character of the highs in most gear).
I did own the XA100.5 and now have the XA160.5. I heard the XA30.5 driving Magico speakers at a dealership. "...hopefully liquid, detailed, smooth and without glare/distortion in the highs...." is how I would describe all three amps. I would add: dynamic, great control over bass and sense of ease to the description. They are also transparent with a very natural timbre and tone. However, they are expensive, and to my ears, they are not the last word in neutrality, but they are extremely close. I have found that they sound better with Pass preamps than with other preamps I have heard them with, especially some tube preamps.

I have not heard the Audia Flight amps.
To say the least, I'm impressed. i'm thinking abut changing Amps, from a Jeff Rowland 8t, to an Audia Flight 100! What do You think?.....J.C.
One BIG thing I would consider is customer service..Pass Labs is superb,none better in my book..Although I know nothing about Audia Flight, the fact its not made in the USA ,with any issues it becomes a real headache would make me exclude it..Pass is a no brainer,IMO
I have and have had the audia 50/weird Italian amp.It has made me happy with remarkable clarity
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