Audia amplifiers- comments?

I am very interested in these amps from Italy. Has anyone had experience with them? From what I see they look like solid, no non sense amps with huge power supplies, Class A operation, wide band width operation and good looks.

How do they sound compare to other amps on the market- Bryston, Krell, and the like.

the finest 'sound' i've heard out of italy, is for audia, i've heard the integrated only...nothing to write home about compared to the bryston.
Audia has a very refined sound with tremendous bass response. Smooth yet extended highs and lows. I've owned Krell KAS2, FPB series (numerous), Goldmund, Brinkmann and a slew of other exotic amps. Still own Lamm amps. Audia is an excellent amp for its second-hand price. Well made, wide bandwidth, silent. I still have the Flight 100 and would use it if I still had speakers it could power (which is most everything except what I have now).
Let me ask what is the exact SPEC on the amp of "Wide Bandwidth" nature? I guess I am confused on what the term is actually being used for "Wide bandwidth" oppossed to just standard frequency bandwidth. I own amps and have had others that are also called this, but seems most are pretty standard specs.
The Audia specs are -3dB at 1 MHz and a fast slew rate of >200 µS. I believe that this constitutes wide bandwidth (as well as high-speed). Many solid state amps offer a frequency response that is -3dB at 160 kHz or so. Many solid state preamps offer frequency response of -3 dB at 200 kHz. I imagine that the choice to design for high bandwidth is to allow amplification to pass a higher kHz square wave without ripple. Spectral and Goldmund are well-known for touting this design feature. I will reserve comment for the audible characteristics of such a design.

I own the Flight Two Integrated and concur 100% with Classijazz's comments. You are correct, they are solid well built with not too much fuss . . . in fact, they have a very elegant look about them.

Right now, it is paired in my living room system with Focus Audio FS-888s (90W @ 4 Ohms) and sounds lovely. ClassicJazz is spot on about the bass - very nice bass delineation and detail.

Very good value for money, IMO.

I also own the Flight Two Integrated and agree with Garryh comments. This is a very refine sounding integrated, very detailed. If you love Jazz you are going to love this amp. It is very heavy, extremely well built and very deceiving.

Great value if you can find one used which I currently have one for sale. I sold the DK Design integrated that I previously owned and they are different animals. I kind of miss the DK, it is not as refine as the Audia Flight, oh well.
I have their top of the line CDP, pre and amp. Smooth sound. Set up properly sound like tubes without their short comings like reliability and lack of bass control.