Audeze vs. HIFIMan vs. ??

Hello all, I'm in the market for a set of open-back over the ear headphones. My current price range is $800-1200 or so. I have a set of Beyerdynamic DT770 PROs but while comfortable, leave a bit to be desired in sound quality. I think some of their deficiency has to with the fact that they are close-backed. It's not like they're horrible but as with most things audio, there's always better. <g>

I like the idea of planar magnetics vs. traditional drivers. They strike me as being "electrostatic-like" without the added complexity of having to energize stators.

I've been seeing the brands mentioned above and would be interested in hearing people's, preferably current owners, opinion of them.

Thank you in advance. Happy Listening.
@fuzztone you raise a good point. This isn't for portable use. I have a beyerdynamic A20 headphone amp currently but may upgrade eventually.
If you check out HiFiMan, they often run good prices on their clearance items directly from their online store.
It really depends what sound characteristics you’re looking for, but if neutral is on your radar I’d take a hard look at the Hifiman Arya that more than one reviewer uses as their reference.  Hifiman sometimes offers open-box specials that are priced right near the top of your range, but they’re worth a stretch IMO.  I own their HE400S that are pretty darn good in their own right, and I know the Arya is a big step up from mine sonically.  If you’re after a warmer sound then Audeze is probably a better option.  Best of luck. 
All I know is I have Quad and Stax. I’ve never heard any A or H that sounded better.
I own Audeze and almost never listen to them, they seem dark and ‘closed” in their sound even though they are open back. So I don’t think you’d like them better then what you have. Just my opinion. You should listen to them or get good return policy just in case.