Audes "Grand" Blues anyone??

I do not have a chance to audition this speaker, but am
banking on all of the positive reviews & comments about
the smaller Blues.
I "think" that they seem to represent a extremely good value
considering the beautiful build & great sound quality they
The Grand Blues is reported to be "Blues with balls"

Anybody get the hear the Grand Blues at any shows??
I was really hoping that someone would chime in with their impressions, as I am quite interested in hearing about the Grand Blues.

I can say that I am quite impressed with the Blues, and at their price point, I think they represent an excellent deal on a very nice, dynamic sounding pair of loudspeakers.
Well, I guess we will have to wait until my pair
comes in. :o)
I went ahead and ordered one of the few pair coming
this way. (about 3 weeks)
Such a great price, I could not refuse.

In the meeantime, we can just drool on the beautiful

Keep ya posted!
I think you made a good choice, the Grand Blues should sound very dynamic and have even more of that tight bass that the blues have. I have had a pair of the Blues for half a year now and they are still suprising me. The bass took quite some time to develop, but it did, and I played around with different cables and amps for awhile, but now have settled down and I am enjoying the fine sound of these speakers. What are you going to drive them with? I would recommend the Conrad-Johnson MF 2250A or 2500A or better yet both in a bi-amp mode. I am using the 2250 on the Blues now. The Grand Blues are just a steal for the money!