Audes anyone?


Kalman Rubinson reviewed the Audes Jazz in the current Stereophile. While I have not heard the Jazz, Kal came away quite impressed.

The Audes I have been around were the Blues, and I have to say, it is a very nice speaker. In fact, the sound and the looks of this speaker belie its $2000 price. It just feels like a much more expensive loudspeaker - maybe $4000. It's quite a dynamic, punchy speaker. Detail and refinement are strong points, but also where the speaker gives way to the very best, along with a bit of smoothness/coherence. It doesn't get the bottom octave, but how many speakers offer that? Overall, I recommend it highly.

So, at that price point, add another competent product. In these times of $2000 Chinese amplifiers that make me uneasy as they seem way overpriced, Audes strikes me just the opposite.

Has anyone else come across Audes, and if so, what were your impressions?
Blues are great speakers. I imagine they might be better than the Jazz reviewed in Stereophile. Funny you should mention that they lack in bass. That is somewhat contrary to my experience. I found the bass quite impressive in quality and quantity relative to their size. I've heard better bass, but from speaker with larger cabinets and/or larger drivers (laws of physics at work). Compared to a similarly sized speaker like the Proac 2.5's, I found the Blues' bass comparable if not better in some respects. Blues' bass was much, much better than the similarly priced and sized Soliloquy 5.3's, which I've found to be on the boomy, inarticulate side.
Sampark, I apologize for giving the impression about not being happy with their bass. I only wanted to convey that there were only two, quite small nits I could find. One being lack of subterranean bass. Which even many subwoofers will not reproduce.

In fact, my feelings mirror yours, bass or otherwise. One heck of a loudspeaker.