Audcom, not Adcom...anyone hear of it?

It was recently suggested to me to look at Audcom's hybrid integrated amp as a killer preformer for the money.

Has anyone had any exposure to this brand?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

also heard good things about this amp. have you heard anything since your post?
I have received zero feedback from the audiogonners. Anyone?...
Had one of their little tube pre's..a year or so ago, pretty decent piece..hope this helps..
I owned the Audcom int.amp some years back. Sold it off coz it chasis runs real hot when turned on, including the volume nob. I will not recommended this brand from China. There are many more better amps from the main land. Take your time before you committ.
Did you have the current hybrid model, or an all tube amp?

Other than the heat issue, how did it sound/perform?