Aud. Illusions 3A/JCurl vs. Wright Sound WPL-20

Anybody compared the Audible Illusions 3A with the John Curl phono vs, Wright Sound WPL-20 (or WPP100c/200c plus aux. step-up).

I'm concerned about Phono as well as line stage.
I've seen some reference to lack of bass with the Wright Sound...

Of couse the AI wins hands down in the "looks" department!
Used AI about the same as a new WPL-20 (anybody have one for sale?)

Using in conjunction with a McCormack DNA amp, Vandersteens.

Thanks for the input.

The AI might be difficult to use with the McCormack. The AI has very high output, and the McCormack is very sensitive and easy to drive. The McCormack is designed to be used with passive preamps, and acheives full output with 1 volt of input, which is half the more standard 2 volt input.

I doubt that you would have very much useable range in the volume control with the Audible Illusions.

I own an AI Mod 3a and enjoy it. I'm not bashing either, but questioning the combination. Don't know anything about the Wright. You might be able to get a seperate phono pre amp and use a passive with the McCormack, bet it would sound very good.

Used AI3A. If your new to this product there a a few things you should know. The 3A can be a wonderful sounding preamp even with OEM tubes. The thick main PWB and the aluminum casework are very nice. The sound is typically wide and detailed. Scratchy attenuators, selectors, and noisy outboard power supplies are signs of needed repair.

It's important to know the serial number of the unit your thinking of purchasing. A call to AI with the serial number will help you discern the age and level of upgrade. I believe the Gold phono board is the same throughout, the main board was upgraded around 1999-2000. The attenuators and selectors were also upgraded. Again, a call to AI will be very helpful regarding the need and the costs for upgrades.