ATTN: Seattle / Pacific NW audiophiles

Just a quick note to fellow Seattle-area and Pacific NW audiophiles that there is a new high-end dealer in Seattle: Premier Audio and Home Theater. I was taking my usual noon walk today (another beautiful NW fall afternoon), and noticed the store as I walked down the opposite side of the street.

I decided to take a 10-minute detour and went into the store to look at their product lines. I talked to one of the owners, who told me that he and 2 other former Boeing employees decided it was time to fix the dearth of good audio stores in Seattle, and their intent is to offer high quality, high value audio lines.

Their product lines include (this is not a complete list): Music Hall turntables; Cambridge Audio, Conrad-Johnson, Sim Audio, and Plinius electronics; Aerial, Meadowlark, Audio Physik, JM Labs, and Wisdom speakers; and some very high quality cable and accessory lines.

Given the current state of the economy, and the Boeing downturn, the owners have picked a tough time to launch a high-end audio/HT dealer. So, let's help them out. Check out their store, which is located in the 5500 block of University Way in Seattle (about 10 blocks NW of the Univ of Washington campus).

That is great..I might stop by there today do some window shopping..